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Over 5o Years we have been signing it for the Peterborough area…

If you’ve lived in Peterborough for any length of time, you likely already know our name. For over 50 years, our family owned business has been the undisputed leader in the local sign industry. Our
name has become synonymous with quality custom solutions designed to suit all your signage needs.

Since the beginning, Hutchinson Signs has set the standard in outdoor and indoor display advertising. From the largest billboards to small magnetic and vinyl signs, our work is renowned for its high quality and durability.


Bus Bench Advertising

Through the years, our bus benches have been the choice of the small businesses, franchise operators and in particular, real estate agents.

This highly visible, cost-effective advertising medium is a proven performer. For decades our bus bench advertising medium is a proven performer. For decades our bench advertising has been delivering results, making it one of our most popular items.

One of the keys to advertising is repetition. A print as that only once stands a slim change of making an impact. Our benches are seen every day by thousands of your prospective clients. Many of them pass the same bench several times a day.

For about the cost of a newspaper ad that will run only once, you can enjoy an entire year of quality outdoor advertising in one of our many high-traffic locations.

Its a deal that just can’t be beat and were not surprised that our bench advertising remains one of the most requested items.

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